A Total Inability To Connect

The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson Sanderson is something special in the fantasy genre. In a time when 'grungy', 'dirty' and 'realistic' is all the rage in fantasy (see: Martin, Abercrombie), Brandon's books manage to be enthralling, well-written, and intriguing page turners; all while being at least clean and approachable. He proves that you do not need excessive gore, profanity or sex to write a compelling and unique storyline that is impossible to put down.

The entire Mistborn series is a gift to readers, as far as I am concerned. The magic system is unique and powerful (as is consistent with Brandon), the characters are interesting and compelling, the world and history are explained with depth and understanding, without being bland and boring. And through all of this, the story moves and changes, presents elements that feel familiar, intermingled with plot twists and turns that are unexpected and engaging.

Like any series, it has slow points, but they are packed between fantastic content, skillful prose and fast-paced action scenes, and it's hard for me to imagine any fantasy fan finding these works less than excellent.