A Total Inability To Connect

Red Country - Joe Abercrombie Let me preface by saying I'm a Joe Abercrombie superfan. I'd say he's close to, if not absolutely, my favorite fantasy author. I love his writing, his characters, his world, his style, his prose, his humor and his dashing rugged handsomeness. However, this book was easily his weakest offering to date - if you could call it that. I feel like if this were a debut novel, people would be sharting their britches over the promise of this writer, how monumental his style, etc. However, following up the brilliance of First Law, and the fast and exciting reads of The Heroes and Best Served Cold, I felt like Red Country just didn't pan out as well.

Still a really well-done book. The usual drama, character interaction, well imagined environments and bloody battles, the same drama and conflict. Just didn't have the "oomph" that the past books have had. Still recommend it, just can't call it one of my all-time favorites like I can with many of his other works.