A Total Inability To Connect

Blood Rites - Jim Butcher Wasn't my favorite of the series, but still a good and entertaining read. At this point, the series is getting arbitrarily more sexual and vulgar at times - something I'm normally ok with, but its starting to feel forced and awkward in this series.

That on top of Harry's obnoxious zealotry when it comes to being a chivalrous white knight out to protect all women and children. He's extremely protective about women, yet so happy to watch a woman who respects him have to strip down in public and joke about it later. Sigh.

Again, that all said its still a very fun read. The characters are as interesting as always, and the layers and layers of conflicts and storylines are really piling up and intertwining in the best way at this point in the series. Still maybe my favorite change of pace reads between bigger fantasy books.