A Total Inability To Connect

The Black Company - Glen Cook Some of the reviews for this book were surprisingly negative, enough so that I was actually a little concerned that it wouldn't be any good. I think a lot of that were that the book has been around three decades, and has not only had time to be picked at, but also is victim of being compared to many books since.

What I found was a clever, well-written little romp, with some very interesting aspects. The whole mercenary company angle could be a lot of fun, and I'm hoping its explored a bit more in the other two books in this trilogy. The magic of the three wizards in the company is fun in its own way - unexplained, seemingly infinite in use, but yet not abused, not overused in the story.

The downsides were a bit of spotty descriptions, jumping around in the story at times as well. I also felt the whole storyline with the Taken/Circle/Lady to be a bit tiresome, and the powerful wizards seemed too many in number and too hard to keep track of.

It was enjoyable enough for many reasons, and grabbed my attention more than enough to read the other two in the trilogy (which is good, as I bought the chronicles omnibus on amazon).