A Total Inability To Connect

Dead Beat - Jim Butcher Another enjoyable Dresden book, however the flaws of the series are starting to actually get really old - namely his silly compulsion with morality, and the extremely obnoxious, stupid, distracting and childish fantasy with protecting poor defenseless women. Ohhhh noooo a woman sounded remotely upset, BETTER DROP WHAT I'M DOING, BECAUSE I'M KIND OF OLD SCHOOL, I JUST CAN'T HANDLE HEARING A WOMAN IN DISTRESS!!!. Yeah, we know. I'm over that, already.

Fortunately it only distracts a bit from what is a fun, quick read with fun magical elements and fun characters. I always enjoy the books and absolutely blow through them, regardless of niggling things that bother me about it.

And a sidenote - I'm always kind of bothered paying $9.99 for these ~450 page paperbacks, when I can buy Sanderson paperbacks for $7.99 or whatever. But that said, they're really super high quality printings - the pages are sturdy but soft and the books and bindings are resilient but flexible. There's something really really comfortable about these books, the way they flex and bend and hold together. They're a joy to hold in your hand.