A Total Inability To Connect

The Daylight War - Peter V. Brett So many mixed feelings about this book that I'm not sure where to go with it. For a lot of the first half or so, it moved extremely slowly, and was actually a bit frustrating at times. Renna is perhaps the most annoying character in the history of books - she's a whiny, selfish child who thinks only of herself at all times and whines incessantly. The backwoods "ent" banter between her and Arlen is obnoxious, especially when the other bumpkins seem to phase in and out of this type of speech.

That said, as with The Desert Spear, the Krasian storylines are incredible and interesting, and a lot of fun to read. Everything surrounding Abban, Inevera and Jardir are fascinating and a lot of fun. The backstory behind Inevera was awesome, much like the Jardir storyline in The Desert Spear. The glance into Inevera's background, and a lot more of her POV and thoughts, turned her into a much more real character, less of a malevolent evil.

I just met Peat recently at a signing, and really enjoyed him and his work. I loved the first two books, despite some criticisms I had. And in the end, I enjoyed this book as well. It had some slow points, and some issues I had with some characters and happenings, but it picked up a lot as it went, and the end was great. I really enjoyed the last 25% of the book, and the last couple chapters in particular were a lot of fun. I did not see the issue with the ending that many had - I frankly loved it, even though I saw it coming from a mile away. A good read, a good continuation of the series, and it's obvious Pete has grown as a writer during the buildup to this book. Looking forward to waiting a couple years for the next one.