A Total Inability To Connect

The Last Wish - Andrzej Sapkowski I both liked this book, and didn't like it at the same time. I feel like this novel, along with it's relatively high ratings and relative popularity, are an example of why I feel like maybe I should start trying to write the stories I have in my head and turn them into novels. Maybe it's because it's a translated book from another language, but The Last Wish was simplistic, both in it's characters, conflict, storytelling and prose. It was very straightforward, lacked depth, and the writing itself was nothing impressive. As I said, I did enjoy it, it was a very quick and usually entertaining read, but it just had an overwhelming feeling of amateurishness about it. The story meanders pointlessly, and is set into several smaller semi-continual episodes. It was obvious they were all written as blocks over a period of time, as each had a different writing feel to it. For example, the final chapter (which was vague and extremely disappointing) overuses "...but no one ever got to hear what the chamberlain said.". For example, multiple times, someone would be talking, and their sentence would be interrupted with a phrase similar to the one I quoted above. This happened 3-4 times in two chapters. Felt redundant and repetitive.

It wasn't a BAD book, far from it. Interesting enough idea that spawned a good set of video games. But that said, it was fairly uninspiring in general, lacked oomph and cohesiveness, and the writing was poor to fair.