A Total Inability To Connect

Sandman Slim - Richard Kadrey Sandman Slim has all the pieces of urban fantasy I've grown to know - obnoxious, self-centered protagonist, who is grossly overpowered and nearly invincible. Unrealistic and completely crazy situations said protagonist manages to get out of relatively unscathed over and over. An obsession with food, drink, and the details of such. It's got "the hangout", or safehouse, which seems to be miraculously safe even when it's not. It's got the bar, where our protagonist can hang out, drink, BS with the overly-knowledgeable barkeep and schmooze with people "like him".

Sandman Slim has all of these things in abundance, with dashes of kleptomania and anti-climactic battles. The book involves a lot of leadup to events, winding around before blowing through every conflict over the course of a page - bad guys dropping with ease, and Slim essentially invincible. Then, to top it off, he spends the last two chapters being uber-melancholy and dramatic and emo. Not to mention entire chapters of setup for future books, Slim engaging in deal-making with anyone he ever had contact with to offer his services in the future - thinly veiled setup that does not help the book in the least, and was extremely hamfisted.

Not the best urban junkfood book I've read - the writing is decent, the dialogue as well, and the overall groove of the story is fun. But for a few reasons it just falls a bit short for me.