A Total Inability To Connect

Control Point - Myke Cole Despite all the hype, reviews and conversations I've heard about this book, it still caught me by surprise.

With Myke's pedigree in the military and some of the descriptions, I expected a military book with some magic sprinkled in. What I got was a magic themed book with military as the secondary part. I'd heard nothing but negativity when it came to the lead character, Oscar Britton, but in the end I didn't find him infuriating or jumpy as many reviewers did. Yes, he seemed to jump around a bit when it came to his views, but he seemed to follow a fairly logical path to me. Myke's fairly open opposition to some military values and secrecy were refreshing, and lacked a lot of the brainwashing that, by my uninformed interpretation, can come with extended military service.

I had issues with a few things - sluggish or unrealistic responses from characters. A few pacing issues (breakneck forever). The fact that everyone took crushing groin shots and other grievous injuries and seemed to recover extremely quickly and without side effects. That said, it was a very enjoyable quick-ish read with a lot of action and some appreciable writing skill. I look forward to reading the second book in the series.