A Total Inability To Connect

Promise of Blood - Brian  McClellan This was the first book I'd ever pre-ordered from a brand new author that I wasn't previously familiar with. Brian sold himself really well on Reddit and social media in the winter, enough that I bought into this story and it's potential. By the time it arrived, I was very excited for it and immediately tore into it.

Luckily for me, my confidence and high expectations were rewarded with an incredible novel. Fast-paced, well written, exciting, confusing, deep, unique and fun. The era and world, industrialization and guns and such, was presented in one of the more interesting ways I could think of. The characters were deep and three dimensional, the story flowed well and the book was a definite page-turner. I blasted through it in a couple days of reading and regretted that it ended so quickly.

Brian is a very cool fellow, who has figured out the self-marketing and social media availability that he needs to be a fantasy rock star, and I hope to see more books in this series sooner than later.