A Total Inability To Connect

Along Came a Spider - James Patterson This genre is not one I frequent, but the wife didnt want to listen to fantasy on our road trip, so I gave Patterson a try. This is the first in this hyper-popular series, and first books are not generally a particularly good sign of what a series brings as a whole. That said, Along Came a Spider was a fairly uninspired novel, with periods of extremely slow plot development (which is impressive in a 300 page book), mediocre writing, and unrealistic development.

Alex Cross is the most unbelievably white black man of all time, as is Nana-momma, and do not act like the rough neighborhood black folks they're made out to be. The racial storylines are extremely ham-fisted and have no subtlety or grace in the slightest. The sex was unnecessary and overly frequent, and a couple of the scenes were downright ridiculous. I don't mind sexuality in books, but these were not good sexual elements and felt arbitrary. Additionally, the courtroom scenes were too long and drawn out in my opinion, but I know a lot of people are into that aspect of the story.

I have a big list of complaints about the book, but there were some positives. The layers of the storyline mystery stuff was interesting enough, and Gary was a scary and intriguing antagonist. Jezzy was an interesting twist and wasn't wholly expected. All in all, I debated between two stars and three stars, but opted for three because of the storyline twists.