A Total Inability To Connect

Perdido Street Station - China Miéville I've come to terms with the fact that I will likely never completely finish this novel, which is sad because there were things I enjoyed about it, and I also already own a copy of The Scar (which I may give a read anyway). Frankly, this book plods on and on with no real direction for the entire middle portion. The prose is too dense and feels very forced at times, and needlessly complicated. I was wondering if I was just a simpleton who did not "understand" his prose because I'm uncultured or something, but I've spoken to a lot of others who've read the book and many came to the same conclusion.

Honestly, the world was unique, the characters were interesting enough and the conflicts were real. However, the writing just made this book a chore to read, it was far too long, and the plot movement is just too damn slow. This book could have been 350 pages and been a much better read, with much of the filler cut out, and it would have been a great book. As it sits, it's an overdone cluster with difficult to digest writing and rather uninspiring plot motion.