A Total Inability To Connect

Infinity Blade: Awakening - Brandon Sanderson Writing: 5
Story/Plot: 4
Depth/Detail: 4
Enjoyment: 4

Infinity Blade is a ~100 page short story by fantasy master Brandon Sanderson, written as backstory for the iPhone games Infinity Blade. I have not played the game, nor heard any details about it prior to this, so reading this was my 'first experience' with this series. Being as this is a short little book, it's going to get a short little review.

I enjoyed it. It started a bit on the slow side, but as it picked up steam and more and more of Siris' life and details are fleshed out, it becomes exponentially more interesting. The battle with the God King feels at once helpless and yet leaves some hope of victory. The ending is pretty blockbuster, even if you see it coming. I, personally, thought I had it figured out but wasn't quite right, so the ending was quite satisfying, although it DID end a bit too open ended for my tastes (though Sanderson has said he plans to write more short stories in this world).

The writing, as always with Brandon, is excellent, flows well, moves the story along. The action scenes, albeit limited, are exciting enough. It feels like this could have been made into a full book, with how notoriously wordy Sanderson is. As it was, it did feel a bit awkward - like the amount of content in the book should have made for a slightly shorter story; it seemed to go on a bit longer than it needed to, simply on random conversations and things that, in the end, didn't matter a whole lot. At the same time, it felt not quite long enough to fill in enough backstory details, to flesh out the world a bit more, to explore the different directions Siris can go. It was kind of an awkward in-between.

In the end, I enjoyed it well enough as my token phone-kindle-short-story. It wasn't perfect but it built up steam and the ending was fairly satisfying.