A Total Inability To Connect

Questions for a Soldier - John Scalzi, Bob Eggleton Writing: 4
Story/Plot: 4
Depth/Detail: 3
Enjoyment: 4

This is a quick, down-and-dirty little short story/novella from John Scalzi, in the rather unique format of an interview transcript. It follows the main character of The Old Man's War, John Perry, as he answers questions on one of the CDF colonies. It's short but to the point, and gives a little bit of accessory stories to chew on between books. It's not groundbreaking, and it is just a nibble at best, but it's well-written and interesting, has some of the world political rhetoric in it, and was an entertaining enough 15-20 minute read. I would have loved for it to be 2-3x as long, at the very least, but it was good for what it was.