A Total Inability To Connect

Perfect Shadow - Brent Weeks Writing: 4.5
Story/Plot: 4
Depth/Detail: 4
Enjoyment: 4.5

Let me preface, as I always do with Brent Weeks reviews, by saying I'm a huge homer fan of his and think he's brilliant and handsome. That said, Perfect Shadow was a quick and dirty little prequel to the Night Angel Trilogy. It followed Durzo Blint before, well, he was Durzo Blint. It gives a bit of backstory into how he meets Momma K, how he gained and 'destroyed' the red ka'kari, how he came to have the name of Durzo, how he was trained to be a wetboy, and more.

It had a lot more information than many novellas I've read of late, although still felt a bit incomplete. His relationship with Momma K is kind of spontaneous and interesting, and he certainly takes awfully quick to the wetboy "just kill without asking questions" act. Some of his decisions make little sense.

The writing is standard Weeks - upbeat, great and natural sounding dialogue, fast moving, edgy. I didn't like the way it was interluded as if it was being told as a story - it just lead to a confusing format at times that made no sense to me. Maybe I was missing something there, but it honestly didn't seem to work too great there.

Either way, I eat up "backstory" style novellas and this was a great supplemental work for the series.