A Total Inability To Connect

The Grimoire of the Lamb - Kevin Hearne Writing: 3
Story/Plot: 3
Depth/Detail: 2
Enjoyment: 3

Another quick novella in the Iron Druid universe. I enjoy episodic novellas - quick, dirty, and nice little adventures are fun and enjoyable. I REALLY enjoy Peter V. Brett's episodic novellas from Arlen's travels as a messenger, for example. But as with the other Iron Druid novellas, this one just falls a bit flat. A lot of the strengths of the Iron Druid stories relies in continuity, and in the interpersonal relationships. In The Grimoire of the Lamb, the focus is entirely on Atticus and his adventure, and in this case, the adventure is bland and uninteresting.

It focuses on a bit of Egyptian mythology, but does not delve too deep into any of it, skimming some of the lesser known gods (to us normal people, that is). The problem lies in that it's just not that exciting. It's short, which is the point, but there's very little of the Atticus/Oberon banter, very little of actual interest in the storyline, no real closure.

I still enjoy getting more little pieces of the world, but in general, these novellas aren't quite all I hoped they would be...hopefully with some more practice in the shorter stories, they'll get more rounded and interesting.