A Total Inability To Connect

Hexed - Kevin Hearne I enjoy this series a lot. Hearne's writing is clever and funny, albeit a bit too dependent upon pop culture references. These books will probably feel very dated in about ten years (much like some of the Dresden books do). However, I'm not reading them in ten years, I'm reading them now, so I find them entertaining and funny. The characters and situations are a bit more relaxed and interesting than Dresden's most of the time, although Atticus *is* a bit overpowered, and much like Dresden seems to be gruesomely injured every time he turns around with no long-term consequences.

This book was closer to 5-stars as it went, but the ending with the witches was a bit lackluster and disappointing, and 10 pages of fighting an entire coven of witches after 280 pages of setup felt a bit flat and rushed. Hearne's action scenes are pretty fun, but rely a bit too much on Atticus being both perfect and nearly invincible - as well as his cast of friends, who range from crazy overpowered to literally invincible.

Any flaws I end up not minding in the end, and blow right past them as the reading is light and fun and easy to digest. I look forward to the next to entries in the series.