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Hope's End: A Powder Mage Short Story

Hope's End: A Powder Mage Short Story - Brian  McClellan Writing: 4.6
Story/Plot: 4
Depth/Detail: 3
Enjoyment: 4

I love little novellas in worlds I'm already familiar with, and McClellan's are no exception. This is a very quick, bite-sized little tale, following one female soldier, and giving little pieces of main characters from the Powder Mage series. It had what you wanted from a story - exciting battle, some depth and relatability, solid writing, good characters with real dilemmas. It did leave me wanting more out of it, much like Brian's other novella, and it felt just a bit short, even by novella/short story standards. The price was right at $0.99, and I don't mind supporting a cool dude like Brian with my monies.

I guess it's a good thing when you want more of something, right? This was a good little nibble to help hold everyone over until February.